World of Warcraft Classic

15 years ago history was made with the release of World of Warcraft. You were either For The Horde, or For The Alliance. The ultimate massively multiplayer online role playing game was the game for anyone and everyone. Whether you wanted to run dungeons with your guild, fight to beat the newest raid on mythic difficulty, beat all the competition in 3v3 pvp, or roleplay as a pandaren monk, World of Warcraft had it all plus more! After 15 years and many many updates the game has drastically changed. Some people enjoy the game more now, and some people are fans of the past. There is an old saying that it is hard to see where you are going if you do not look where you have been. World of Warcraft gives us that opportunity by going back 15 years and giving us an unupdated original version of the greatest MMO ever made…World of Warcraft Classic!

Where to watch World of Warcraft classic content creators.

Where better to start than with the content creators themselves, many of who have been playing and creating World of Warcraft content for the past 15 years. Some of these content creators are educational, others are a bit more on the troll side while some are just the most talented players in the game.


First we have one of the more outspoken Twitch streamers on this list. His community is known to be considered “toxic”, and a bit on the troll side. He does not necessarily encourage that kind of behavior but his stream definitely feeds off of it. He is known for his reaction to other World of Warcraft YouTube videos, and his nearly perfect in game collection. If you are still wondering who this could possibly be, look no further and let me introduce you to Asmongold. If you get offended easily then his stream may not be for you. If you like to laugh while watching above average face rolling warrior action then Asmongold is the WoW streamer for you! If you have not seen Asmongolds impersonation of popular streamer Ninja asking for Twitch Prime subscribers then you must take a look! One of Asmongolds best segments would have to be his “mount off” competitions. Having one of the most impressive mount collections in the game, he regularly pits himself against all of his viewers to see if someone can beat his mount collection. There are no real prizes for this except bragging rights until the next one, which in WoW are better than any prize.

Asmongolds Twitch can be found here: Asmongold

Preach Gaming

Next we have someone who loosely can be considered educational. Preach or Preach Gaming can always be found giving us unfiltered opinion on new updates, announcements reworks or anything new added to World of Warcraft. His opinion is not always the most popular one, but that has never stopped him from saying it. Preach uploads and streams to Twitch and YouTube and one of his more recurring episodes is linked below, and titles Drama Friday. Preach takes some sort of WoW drama and break it down and discusses it in a hilarious fashion. If you are looking for a WoW veteran, someone who has been playing since classic was out the first go around, and someone who will be playing nearly 24 hours a day when classic is released in a few days, then Preach is the guy for you!

Here you can find his Twitch Channel: Preach Gaming

Here you can find his YouTube Channel: Preach Gaming


With Asmongold and Peach already on the list, there is only one logical place that we could go from here. If you are new to World of Warcraft and want to watch one of the most legendary famous warrior players in the world, then Swifty is who you will be looking for. Swifty who like the others has been playing since the original WoW release is famous for his insane warrior pvp gameplay. A phrase used by many known as the “Swifty one shot” was invented after Swifty macroed all of his attacks into 1 single keyboard key. All he would have to do is push that 1 key and his opponent would be defeated. Recently and many times before Swifty could be found playing 10+ characters all at once all by himself. Swifty is a legend in the WoW community and many look forward to being able to play alongside him in classic WoW once again. 

His Twitch channel can be found here: Swifty

His YouTube channel can be found here: Swifty


Last but certainly not least on the list is Method Pro player and streamer Cdew. Cdew a famous name in the World of Warcraft competitive pvp scene is a terrific person to watch if you want to see high level gameplay at its finest. Cdew who is a pro player for Method the world’s leading WoW guild and esports organization, has one many pro events, and multiple Blizzcon championships. Cdew class of choice is a healer, and so far on the WoW classic beta he has been playing a shaman. Cdew can be found streaming just about every night, and is usually playing the classic beta while at the same time waiting for his pvp que to pop, and scrim with his 2 Method pro teammates. Recently a group of streamers but on a 1v1 event on the classic beta server where Cdew took him the second place prize playing as a healer class. His skills are literally at the top of the world, and he is a great person to watch to pick up a few little tips and tricks here and there to make you a better WoW player overall.

News and Updates

World of Warcraft does not launch at the typical times a new game would release. Make sure to check the picture below to see when your regions launch time is.

World of Warcraft name reservations

Players who plan on playing WoW classic can currently as we speak log onto the WoW classic servers and reserve your name, and server. The sooner you get this done, the sooner you can assure you receive the name you would like. As we all know having the perfect named toon can make all the difference! I have linked the main WoW classic article where they explain how to pick your server and character name early.

Article and link describing how to reserve your server and name –

Server over population: Herod

Recently on Twitter many streamers and content creators announced that they would be playing on the Herod server. Due to this announcement, many players chose this as their main server of choice. Blizzard soon made it public that with the amount of players signed up if many people do not switch servers that come launch day there is a very real chance that at the time of release players could be waiting in a 10k + wait line. Many people have chosen to switch as of writing this but last time anyone heard, there were still too many people on the server.

Article explaining why Blizzard is suggesting a mass server switch –

World of Warcraft Classic Launch Event

The main event that will be taking place is Methods world first contest. Method will be hosting a world first content to see who can reach max level of 60, and complete all available dungeons and raids. The event will be casted and live 24/7 until someone has completed it, we are talking about a week straight of action! For those of you who know how hard WoW classic was compared to current WoW will know that this is not an easy task whatsoever. Method will be hosting 20 content creators from all walks of WoW to compete in this prestigious event. Below we have linked all of Methods information on where you can watch and support your favorite content creators!

What class should you play on World of Warcraft Classic?

If you are really interested in playing World of Warcraft classic but are just unsure what class or race to play then we have linked multiple videos below listing the strengths of weaknesses of each class. Choosing the right class can make all of the difference.

Playing Horde? Click here!
Playing Alliance? Click here!