Upcoming Events

With E3 all finished up, we are left with an empty feeling of waiting for the next big event, or next big game to come out.  As many of you know it is sometimes hard to know when and where these next big things are happening. Below is a list of all the upcoming events for the next 2 months! Maybe you might find there is one in your town, or one that you would like to watch live on Twitch!


Arkansas Anime Festival, June 21-23

Magic City Con June, 21-23

Planet Funk Con June, 21-23

Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo – Sydney, June 21-23

TooManyGames, June 21-23

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo, June 22

Fan Expo Perú, June 22-23

Salt Lake Gaming Con, June 27-29

Pintastic Pinball & Game Room Expo, June 27-30

PortConMaine, June 27-30

Animaritime, June 28-30

GeekFest, June 28-30

GEXConJune, 28-30

Supanova Comic-Con & Gaming Expo – Perth, June 28-30


Florida Supercon, July 4-7

GuardianCon, July 5-6

AVCon, July 5-7

DreamHack Valencia, July 5-7

Hypericon, July 5-7

Montreal Comiccon, July 5-7

RTX Austin, July 5-7

Geektopia, July 6

ConnectiCon, July 11-14

Metrocon, July 11-14

Blerdcon, July 12-14

Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, July 12-14

Minefaire Charlotte, July 13-14

GACUCon, July 15-19

Hamacon, July 19-21

Beckley Gaming Expo, July 20-21

GalaxyCon Raleigh, July 25-26

Närcon Sommar, July 25-28

QuakeCon, July 25-28

ConBravo!, July 26-28

Hazard Con, July 26-28

New Jersey Gamer Con, July 26-28

MCM Comic Con Manchester, July 27-28

Let us know!

With so many announcements made at E3, both big and small, we would love to know what your favorite part of all of E3 was!? Click the picture to the left and let us know on twitter what you think the best announcement of E3 was.  Also let us know which event you are most looking forward to coming up!