Ubisoft’s E3 notable announcements

Watch Dogs, Legion

First we have the 3rd installment in the Watch Dogs series, “Watch Dogs, Legion”.  It is safe to say that Watch Dogs Legion is one of, if not the #1 most anticipated game for 2020.  Legion takes place in a future London where the country has fallen into total disarray, with a ruthless dictatorship taking over with armed soldiers and drones to instill fear, and cooperation. You are one of many members from a resistance force known only as DeadSec. The question Ubisoft then presents to you is who are your allies.  Every single person seen in game can be converted into a DeadSec spy. If you see them walking around in game, whether it be a school teacher, pizza chef, baseball player, or city worker, they are fully recruit-able and in turn playable in the game. The game will be different for each person playing with an unlimited amount of possibilities. The official release date is Match 6th 2020.

My question to you is, who will you be recruiting?
Click on the link below to go to Ubisoft’s official Watch Dogs website where you can find greater detail and stay up to date with all Watch Dogs announcements.

Ubisoft's Website

Ghost Recon, Breakpoint

Recently announced a few weeks ago, we get a more in depth look into Ghost Recon, Breakpoint.  We learn that the Wolves, an elite combat unit made up of ex-Ghosts have decided that the freedom and justice they once had been fighting for, was no longer just in their eyes. To the pleasure of most fans Ubisoft expressed that this installment in the Ghost Recon series will go back to focusing on the single-player aspect of the game. Fans have been asking Ubisoft for this for some time, and it seems Ubisoft has finally decided to listen.  Ghost Recon, Breakpoint has a release date of October 4th 2019.

Ubisoft’s UPlay+ Subscription Service

Lastly is Ubisoft’s new subscription service UPlay+. UPlay+ is a subscription service that gives you access to any and all Ubisoft titles. Yes, before you ask, even new releases. Ubisoft made it clear that UPlay+ subscribers will receive day 1 access to all new releasing games, just as if you waited in line at midnight to pick up your copy.  Not only will you receive day 1 access, but if there are different “editions” such as the founders edition or prestige edition, UPlay+ subscribers will always have access to the highest level edition perks. If you plan on playing some of the new titles slated to come out later this year into early 2020, than UPlay+ might be the right step for you!  With a price tag of only $14.99 per month, UPlay+ may be the next purchase any real Ubisoft fan will make.

Below is the official announcement video featuring UPlay+

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