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Ninja live stream

Although he is very new to the Mixer platform there is no way that we can start out with anyone but the biggest streamer on earth Ninja. It is almost impossible for you to have not heard his name around the video game world, but what you may not have known is that after 10+ years of streaming on Twitch becoming the most followed Twitch channel, and breaking the Twitch record for most subs at once, Ninja has decided to make the switch over to Mixer. Ninja switching over to Mixer has brought many many new viewers to the platform. 

At the time of writing this if you head over to Ninjas Mixer channel you can get a free sub to him for the first 2 months.  Currently Ninja can still be found playing mainly Fortnite, although recently he had exclusive rights to stream the new Gears Of War 5 game, and he has also been having a blast playing and streaming World Of Warcraft Classic. We suggest you head over and claim your free sub to Ninja, and see what game you will get to watch one of the greats play today!

You can find Ninja’s Mixer Channel here

He also actively uploads on his Ninja YouTube channel

Below we have linked one of his most recent top tier gameplays!


JaredFPS is one of the top streamers on the Mixer platform. Having streamed on the platform since its beginning back when it was still named Beam, Jared has grinded his way to the top with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. Not only has he raised to the top of the streaming platform, he has also started and continues to run one of the top Mixer stream teams Passion. Passion is home to many of the top streamers on Mixer. Passion has a streamer for everyone, so make sure to give them a look as well! Jared has been seen playing with all of the top streamers regardless of platform.  Recently he played an entire day of Fortnite with Ninja, as well as other top creators who came in and out of the stream. Jared has built his stream on his personal motto of “You Sleep, I Grind”. Not only is Jared a great player but his streams are very entertaining. Make sure to check out Jared’s stream if you are looking for some quality gameplay while always having the chance of someone famous joining in for a few games.

Check out the Passion stream team here!

JaredFPS Mixer Channel is right here!

He also uploads on his YouTube channel as well! JaredFPS YouTube Channel

Below is a video of Jared donating to many different Mixer streamers!


Next we have someone who is a bit more of a variety streamer MythicTreez. Treez loves to play Fortnite and Smite mainly while occasionally playing World of Warcraft, PUBG and many other games. Treez is a great entertainer. He regularly interacts with his chat, and talks to them like everyday people. Besides being an overall great streamer he is a terrific player.  He has competed in many online Fortnite cups, as well as continuously competes in numerous pro scrims. Treez is also a top tier ranked Smite player. Making it to masters every season Treez is always at the top of his game in a game of Smite. He also loves to play with his audience. He can regularly be found playing viewer games of both Smite and Fortnite. If you are looking to watch someone who is great at the games they play, while still talking back to you and answering your chat messages then give MythicTreez a shot! 

Check out MythicTreez Mixer Stream here!

MythicTreez can be found on Twitter as well! MythicTreez on Twitter


Last but not least we have a streamer who goes by the name of IceRocker. IceRocker participates in many different categories of the video game world. Not only is she a terrific streamer, but she is also an amazing cosplayer. She builds her own cosplays, and they always look top of the line. Although IceRocker does play many games, some being AAA titles while other being a bit more indy, she always finds her way home to Rainbow Six Siege, or Fallout 4.  Sometimes dressing up on stream, she can always be found entertaining her viewers. Recently Ice has been playing The Blair Witch Project a newer scary game that has been seen around the streaming scene. If you are looking for someone artistic, someone who cares for her audience, and someone who likes to cosplay everyone’s favorite characters then Ice Rocker is a streamer for you!

You can find Ice Rockers Twitter here!

Ice Rocker’s Mixer account here!

Differences between Twitch and Mixer


The picture above comes from a great article on all of the differences between Mixer and Twitch. If you have some extra time we suggest that you give it a read through. We have attached another link to the article below! 

Mixer and Twitch difference article – https://restream.io/blog/mixer-vs-twitch-is-there-a-real-choice/

Although ultimately there is not too much difference in the 2 platforms, there are a few differences among Mixer and Twitch.


  • Only Partners have access to clips
  • Only Partners have access to subs and embers payment methods
  • Mixplay feature, allowing viewers to have direct access to games the streamers are playing.


  • All viewers can make clips
  • Partners and Affiliates have access to payment methods
  • Larger base viewing audience

These are just a few of the differences between Mixer and Twitch. In the end, streamers are streamers no matter what platform they stream on. Make sure to check out all of the streamers we have listed above!

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