Top 10 Video Game Romances

Video games have found a way to make us feel a variety of emotions, thanks to the evolving and improving quality of stories, characters, and mechanics in today’s titles. Romance in non-dating sim games seemed out of focus for shooters and adventure RPGs, but they are slowly becoming a standard. Video game romances are wonderful vehicles for fleshing out our favorite characters, but there have been digital couples that already have been giving us feels for some time. Check out our list of the best video game romances!

  • Mario and Peach (Super Mario Brothers)

Given the chance, people will do anything for the one they love – and that includes going through increasingly difficult side-scrolling levels! Whether or not the Princess is in another castle, our intrepid, mustachioed adventurer will travel worlds and galaxies to see his beloved safe and sound once again. The eight-bit era didn’t have much story to go on, but Nintendo hit the nail on the head with this everlasting couple. From 2D to 3D, from tennis to racing, expect Mario and Peach to greet new and old fans, hand in hand.


Art by Meekery

  • The Prince and Farah (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time)


Romantic tension that builds up between two people who have every reason to hate each other is an electrifying narrative experience. The Prince of Persia (unnamed within the video game universe) and the princess of India, Farah, are not supposed to be good friends, given that the prince did steal her magical dagger. As they work their way through deadly odds together, the trust and camaraderie between them begins to bloom into real affection. The two proud characters with equally strong personalities will now do anything for each other – and that makes them one of the best and most memorable adventure game couples to date.


Art by Eric Tan



  • Link and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)

Through different timelines and worlds, Link and Zelda’s destiny will be tied forever. While never being canonically established as a romantic couple, the varying degrees of companionship, understanding, and affection we have seen between the pair over the years brings butterflies to our stomachs. Each new installment in the series delivers the relationship in different lights, and that’s what makes this pairing so popular. No matter the tide, Link and Zelda will always find each other and save Hyrule together. It’s the story of princess and her knight in a green tunic – what can be more classic and romantic than that?


Art By Zelbunnii



  • Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

The wild adventures that this pair goes through may be out-of-this-world, but Nathan and Elena’s chemistry is undeniable. The high production value and talented cast of this celebrated game series lends to the natural love story that unfolds through its four installments. The relationship is made only sweeter by its less-than-romantic beginnings. Even when Nathan has been given other love interests, fans reacted and endorsed their support for the main couple – which thankfully became endgame as the series came to a close. As we watch them evolve from bickering partners to an action couple, a TV host and a treasure hunter never made a lovelier pair.


Art by Wendy Sullivan:



  • Tracer and Emily (Overwatch)

A massive multiplayer online first person shooter is the last place we’d find romance – or so we thought. Overwatch’s colorful cast of characters and well-written histories made this landmark romance a favorite. Tracer, everyone’s favorite British time-skipping soldier, came out in the special edition comic series. She is now one of the most iconic LGBTQ characters in video gaming, given her original popularity. The couple is seen being adorable to each other, featuring cute kissing scenes and spending their Christmas with Winston. Blizzard’s attempt at creating a varied cast of characters for everyone to find representation in is a move appreciated by the video game community, as well as romantics everywhere!


Art by MonoriRogue: 



  • Master Chief and Cortana (Halo)

Again, we have an unconfirmed couple in our hands that reaches the realm of the bizarre, but their written relationship in the Halo narrative inexplicably tells of the great affection between soldier and AI. After relying on each other through each installment, the moment of sacrifice comes as an obvious choice for either party. The unspoken affection felt between the two characters were welcomed by players as lighthearted moments between the bleak and violent setting of the story. Alas, tragedy has torn them apart as Cortana decides to give herself up to save John-117.


Art By Justin Currie: 



  • Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII)

Yes, we know that the budding relationship cut short between Cloud and Aerith was a heartbreaker. However, the childhood backstory and general chemistry between Cloud and Tifa shouldn’t be ignored because of the tragic death. Tifa is a great character, with a strong skillset and determination that matches Cloud’s. Even in the numerous spin-offs of the wildly popular FF7, they maintain their close relationship and shared dedication to saving the world and their loved ones. While what actually happened between Cloud and Tifa during the night they spent together under the Highwind is never revealed, fans can only hope for a confirmation of their relationship.


  1. Art By Ilaria Grieco: 



  • Guybrush Threepwood and Elaine Marley (The Monkey Island series)

Point-and-click adventures are a vintage find that you might not see in modern consoles these days, but their legacy remains alive. The comedic Monkey Island games were huge head scratchers, but the lovable cast of characters, ingenious game mechanics and epic storytelling keep them popular cultural icons. The attraction to each other that they feel within the first few moments of meeting carry over to their colorful history of death-defying shenanigans. The romance between the bumbling pirate-to-be and an intelligent and beautiful governor – it’s the stuff of video game comedy gold!


Art By Johanna Gassner: 



  • Chrono and Marle (Chrono Trigger)

This well-loved RPG by Square not only included a massive adventure, excellent gameplay, and a cool cast of characters, but it delivered a solid storyline that didn’t drag on like most of the turn-based RPGs of its kind. This includes a cute and simple love story between the protagonist and the new mysterious friend he has made. Their chance encounter and subsequent relationship can be affected by your choices within the game, solidifying the pair through the genuine actions of the player. This time-traveling Chrono and Marle have Lightning and Water powers respectively, showing how different powers and abilities can make a great complementing battle couple.

Art by Sarah Rene Kraft: 

  • Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)

Waking up from cryo-sleep and being faced with a reality overrun by the Combine is tough to do alone, but this time, Gordon has a helpful ally in Alyx. Unlike many female sidekick counterparts, Alyx is no babysitting mission – she directly assists Gordon in his battles and explorations. Such a strong and intelligent female character impressed video game fans, and they started to see her in a healthy relationship with the Black Mesa scientist. Given that there hasn’t been an installment in nearly 10 years, fans are losing hope of ever seeing more of their favorite alien-battling pair.


Art By Anna Rettberg: 

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