Rainbow Six content creators

Do you have your favorite Rainbow Six content creator that you look forward to releasing a video every week?  Of course the answer is yes! We all do, that is why we are all here, What we at FanFIt Gaming have decided to do is put together a list of both Rainbow Six YouTubers and Twitch streamers that you can check out while you are waiting for your go to content creator to upload or go live! Below are 5 content creators who we think you may enjoy. Yes, we are partnered with all of them.


First we have Rogue-9. Rogue-9;s channel is a terrific place to look when you are looking for new or updates about Rainbow Six. It is a great place to learn new tricks, map secrets as well as have the entire new updates explained and broken down for you. Every gun change, every character change, Rogue-9 is there to make sure that you are ready to adapt and stay at the top of your game. Rogue-9 is also one of 3 R6 content creators who make up the Hot Breach podcast, a podcast focusing on anything and everything Rainbow Six.

Rogue-9 can be found here: Rogue-9’s YouTube Channel

Below is one of his newer videos explaining the newest major update to Rainbow Six, Operation Phantom Sight.


The next YouTube R6 Content creator we recommend is Gregor. Gregor’s channel is a great place to go when you are looking for advice on how to play a certain Operator. Gregor is known for his “how to play” guides, as well as his self proclaimed big brain game play! Not only are his videos educational, but they are funny as well. We are actually currently running a giveaway with Gregor. If you would like to enter the giveaway make sure to click the link below!

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Gregor can be found here: Gregor’s YouTube Channel

Below we have linked one of Gregors most recent How to play videos.


Now we have one for those who enjoy watching R6 live, Twitch partnered streamer EhhDannn.  Dannnn is known for his high level of gameplay throughout multiple fps titles with the most notable being Rainbow Six. Dannn is a 2X Canadian national champion, and can always be found playing ranked live on stream against the best of the best. If you are into other shooter titles Dannn’s stream may be the one for you. When he is not live with Rainbow Six, he is usually playing Escape from Tarkov and Apex Legends.

Make sure to also follow EhhDannn on Twitter to stay up to date whenever he goes live. EhhDannn’s Twitter

EhhDannn can be found when he is live here: EhhDannn’s Twitch Channel

Coconut Brah

Next we have Coconut Brah. Have you ever been killed in Rainbow Six and just had no idea where the person was aiming from? You were half a second away from defusing the bomb when you were shot from the smallest hole in a wall 20 feet away. Chances are the person probably learned of this amazing angle from Coconut Brah. Coconut Brah is famous for his tips and tricks videos. He has a video for every map/operator combo you can imagine. He stays up to date with all map reworks, and then shares all the new and adjusted angles. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, than Coconut Brah is the channel for you.

You can find Coconut Brah’s channel here: Coconut Brah’s Channel

Below we have posted one of his most recent tips and tricks videos.


Last but certainly not least we have coreRoss. CoreRoss has an extremely high level of knowledge when it comes to all things R6. CoreRoss puts out extremely educational videos ranging from detailed explanations of all gadgets, sights, secondary gadgets, weapons, attachments, and whatever else you can think of. If you have a technical question regarding something specific in Rainbow Six, chances are the coreRoss has covered it.  Make sure you also check out his mythbuster series. He puts different items to the test to see if they hold up against all odds.

Check out coreRoss here: coreRoss YouTube Channel

Below we have posted a video from his Mythbusters series.

If for some reason you still have not found something to enjoy watching, here are a few of the many great Rainbow Six memes to make your day just a tad better.