Spinning Gaming Shuriken – Samurai Fidget Spinner


This honorable Samurai are awarded these exclusive Fidget Spinners that are often ceremoniously passed down as family heirlooms.  It’s said that the few Shogun who have ever been gifted with this fidget spinner were credited with personally saving their emperor’s life (albeit from boredom – spinning these things definitely does the trick)

Offers a well balanced spin on your finger while you’re waiting for the next round of your favourite game to load up, while you’re streaming on twitch,or just passing the time.  These are a great pass-time for any gamer.  Give it a try once, and you’ll be hooked – it never gets old!

Size: 4 inches

Material: alloy metals

Important Note:  These Spinning Gaming Shirukens, or (Spinning Ninja-Stars)  are only toys.  All edges are dull, and not sharp.  You can very easily stop the spinning with your finger without injury or cutting yourself.  Note that they are made of metal and are heavy, so shouldn’t be thrown, only used as intended.

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