When trying to learn and understand how to play the basics of league, the first thing you will need to learn is what lanes do what , and what kind of champion you will typically find there. It is almost impossible to learn anything more about Lol until you understand the lanes and roles.  

First we have top lane.  Top lane is typically filled a tank. A tank is someone who usually deals less damage to other champions overall, but can’t take many more enemy hits. Tanks typically have the largest health pools and also buy items that raise their defenses and hp. The role of the tank or to laner is usually one of the more simple roles. Most top laners stay in their lane until the middle of the match. They farm creep, try and kill the enemy top laner to stop them from getting gold, and ultimately they are trying to take down the top turret before the enemy takes theirs down.  There are times when a top laner may leave or roam into other lanes. For example if the mid laner is getting ganked in his lane the mid laner may start to move towards the top so that the top laner can come down and give him assistance. Many times later in the game during a team fight, the top laner may be the person who initiates a fight. If the top has a mass stun or a knock up, they will charge in and begin the fight, at that moment they become a meat shield taking as much damage as they can and relying on other members of their team to help win the fight.

One of these other members who will need to help win the fight is the mid laner.  The mid laner is typically a range champion meaning he attacks from range and fights best from a distance. Many mid laners are the archetype mage.  The mid laners role has some similarities to the top lane in that they are mainly focusing on gathering gold, and stopping the enemy mid lane champion from getting gold himself. Mid laners are typically a bit less tanky. Because they are less tanky they are able to deal more damage. They are usually the most balanced champions between tank and dps. Mid laners are always in fear of being ganked. Mid laners more than anyone else has to keep an eye out for enemy junglers trying to sneak up and get an extra kill. The mid lane will also typically be more AP or ability power focused. The easiest way to explain AP to a newer player is by saying the damage is dealt by magic as opposed to direct hit weapons. For the most part mid laners will stay in their lane and only worry about watching the map to see where the enemy jungler is. There are however some champions who are quicker at clearing the creep waves, and are able to roam a bit more. When roaming they can potentially help the top or bottom lane, or steal one of the enemy junglers forest creeps. If you check back next week, the next thing we will be covering is what champions work best in what lane.

Next we will be discussing the role we have already mentioned many times, the jungler. The jungler who usually is played by the archetype assassin, has many jobs, and is one of the harder technical roles to be good at. The jungler has to worry and watch the entire map at the same time. First the jungler has their own job. Junglers usually do not start out very strong but by the time the end of the game comes around they are deadly. A lot of a junglers early game is set on killing or farming their specific jungle creep. Jungle creep which is normal then lane creep, gives more gold and specific buffs to the jungler. Killing red buff gives the jungler more health, while killing blue buff gives the jungler more mana. The jungler is also responsible for watching the 2 POI’s on the map. Baron and dragons are the 2 most important parts of the jungler. When a team kills Baron or a dragon the entire team earns a power boost. Different dragons give different boosts. Only one of these spawn every 5 mins, so it is crucial for junglers to have their timings down perfect.  The next job a jungler has is to roam and gank other lanes. If the enemy top laner is pushing to far down and getting close to your top tower then a jungler can sneak up behind them, and try to catch them off guard. The jungler can also do the same with the bottom role. The jungler is very crucial to help keep the balance of games early so the enemy does not every pull too far ahead if they are winning lanes.

Lastly we have the Bottom lane. The bottom lane is the only lane with 2 champions playing together in the same lane. The bottom lane is filled with the ADC role and Support role. Now these roles usually are spoken about together as they both play together in the bottom lane, however the roles themselves are about as different as different can be.

The ADC role, or Attack Damage Carry, is the highest dps on the team. The ADC role is to farm up creep for gold, buy items to make them even stronger and then deal high amounts of dps to any and all enemy champions. Although they are the highest hitting dps, they are the most squishy. Most ADC’s cannot take many hits at all from any enemy champions. With that being said in late game, and team fights ADC’s are the most scary. They can jump in deal insane amounts of damage quickly and then try and get out of the fight before they themselves die. They are crucial to have alive when you start a team fight, and arguably the most important role to always keep alive. If you are ever caught in a team fight when your ADC is not there with you, your chances of winning or very low.  I’m sure from this explanation you can see where the support role comes into play. The support roles really has one main job. The support players biggest worry in game is keeping the ADC alive. Bottom lane is where you will see the most ganks from junglers, as killing the enemy ADC, and stopping them from being able to afford good items is an easy way to ensure victory. The support in later parts of the game is there to support the entire team. Some support champions have ways of engaging a team fight, while others have ways of breaking them apart. Most supports have some sort of healing ability, and usually use it to try and keep the ADC alive as long as possible. It is very rare until the end of the game for an ADC to leave his or her lane. They are there to farm creep and stop the enemy ADC from killing their creep. Occasionally the support can roam to mid, and give assistance to the support player, but must be careful when switch lanes to not get caught by the enemy jungler.

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