League Of Legends Championship Series Finals


Do you already have a favorite set of League content creators but are looking for that one place to watch the best of the best play? Look no further, this upcoming weekend the finals of the League Of Legends Championship Series are taking place live on Twitch.  Clutch Gaming, CLG TSM, and FlyQuest are the last 4 remaining teams. TSM has already booked a spot in the finals, and we will wait to see who will meet the there! 

If any of the 4 teams above are not your go to team to root for, below we have listed may different League Of Legends Content creators that can be found on either Twitch or YouTube. Yes those of you who are in love with TFT, we have listed a few of those for you as well!

If you are interested in watching the finals this weekend we have listed a few places below to watch the games. 

Here is where you can watch the League of Legends Championship Series.

If you prefer to watch on Twitch then head over to the League of Legends Twitch Channel.

Article Table of Contents:

  1. League of Legends Content creators
    – Tyler1
    – Yassuo
    – The Glacierr
  2. TFT Content Creators
    – Disguised Toast
    – Scarra
  3. How to become a better player
    – How to get better at TFT
    – How to get better at League of Legends


League Of Legends Content Creators

Tyler1 Twitch

There is no place better to start than with the self proclaimed alpha steamer himself Tyler1. Tyler1 is known for his super loud and outgoing personality. Streamers having online personas is nothing new to the world of Twitch but Tyler1 certainly takes it further than anyone else. Screaming into his mic nearly every game, smashing his mouse and keyboard yelling at his chat he asserts his dominance every chance he gets. A few years back Tyler1 was banned for 1 year on League Of Legends, in which he decided to take the year off streaming. The day that he was unbanned he made his return to streaming and broke the record for most concurrent viewers in one stream. Ever since that day Tyler1 has remained one of the most watched League Of Legends streams on Twitch, as well as a great place to catch a few laughs and see above average Draven gameplay.  If you like to watch people flame their teammates, become overly toxic, all while still making you smile, then Tyler1 may be the stream for you!

Click here for: Tyler1’s Twitch Channel

Check out Tyler1’s YouTube Channel here!

If you enjoy the personality of Tyler1, he reguraly uploads non League Of Legends content like cooking streams on his YouTube Channel! Here is his most recent one below!

Yassuo Twitch

Next on our list is someone who can usually be found playing with Tyler1 when they are speaking that is, Yassuo. Yassuo who boasts nearly 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as being one of the largest League Of Legends streamers, has been known in the past to make monetary wagers with Tyler1 to see who is “better” in different aspects of the game. Most recently the 2 streamers bet 10k on who could go from bronze to masters on a brand new account. Although it was extremely close, Yassuo did in the end pull out the win.  As many of you may have noticed Yassuo shares his online name with one of the better mid lane characters also named Yassuo. When Yassuo first started to play League and stream, he would only play Yassuo, no matter what he would only be found on that champion. If watching top tier gameplay, getting some laughs in, and occasionally hearing someone get yelled out by another certain member of the community, then Yassuo is the place you will want to call home. On top of all of that, Yassuo has recently announced that he has joined 100 Thieves. With 100T being known for the great content they create you never know what you may see Yassuo getting into!

Check out Yassuo’s Twitch Channel here!

Yassuo’s Youtube Channel also has some amazing content!

One of Yassuo’s most recent YouTube videos with a pro player coaching him!


Now that you have 2 of the more comedy oriented players to pick from we want to include someone you can watch on YouTube to help you become a better player. The Glacierr is a great player all around who specializes in the top lane roll. On his channel you can find videos explaining new patches and how it affects each champion, you can find crazy builds that may surprise your opponent, and you may also find how different comps do and do not work well together. Below we have linked 2 videos. The first one of his most recent videos, showing off an insanely good team comp, and why it works so well together. The second video is from one of his highest viewed series, where Glacierr highers a coach from Fiverr and pretends to be a Iron level player. All of this series is hilarious, but as you watch you may also pick up a few things on what not to do as a new player as the coach explains it all.

Check out all of his amazing content on Glacierr’s YouTube Channel!

Team Fight Tactics Content Creators

These next few will be for the crowd who just cannot get enough TFT in their lives! TFT or League Of Legends own version of auto chess Team Fight Tactics has taken the League community by storm, and has not slowed down in players or viewers in the past 2 months. With a casual and ranked play more and more people have flocked to the game like never before. Over the past few years we have had the Battle Royale craze, and now we step into the era of the Auto Chess!

Disguised Toast Twitch

First on our TFT list is one of the largest streamers on the Twitch platform DisguisedToast. Toast who is one of the founding members of giant content group OfflineTV, made his fame of Twitch playing the Blizzard card game Hearthstone. After mainly playing Hearthstone for years, Toast became one of the TFT greats just after the launch of the game. Once ranked came out he soon proved he was able to hang with the rest, and secured his spot as a top challenger. Toast however does run his stream a bit different. Toast blocks all usernames in chat from his view. He does read chat and comments, however he is not able to see who is typing them. He gives fair treatment and responses to all who talk. Toast regularly plays with many of the other OfflineTV members including Pokimane and Scarra. If you are looking to learn a few new comps to play, as well as get a good launch and see some great OfflineTV moments, then head over to Toasts stream and possibly find your new favorite streamer.

Check out Disguised Toast’s Twitch Channel here!

Toast does upload to his Disguised Toast YouTube channel often, so be sure to give that a look as well.

Scarra TFT Cheat Sheet

Next on the list happens to be Toasts roommate Scarra. Scarra who is also one of the founding members of OfflineTV much like Toast made his fame from one game. Scarra became Twitch famous for streaming high level League Of Legends. Playing often with current pros at the time, Scarra has always been on the cusp of being in company with some of the best League players. Again much like Toast, Scarra quickly picked up on the TFT wave, and road it to greatness. Scarra who can be found playing every single day on Twitch, has decided that he wants to stream everyday for 1 year straight! He is currently on day 245 of 365. Playing TFT everyday certainly leads you to become one of the best. If you are looking for great gameplay, while still learning some basics, and different comps to try then Scarra is the TFT streamer for you! If you are looking for my direct help, check out Scarra’s YouTube channel. On his YouTube you can find discussions of every patch, new things on the test server, as well as new and old comps they may or may not work with the current meta. TFT is an easy game to love, and a hard game to be great at. Let Scarra help you while still being entertained!

Check out the Scarra TFT cheat sheet here!

Scarra’s Twitch Channel can be found here!

Check out Scarra’s YouTube channel here, and check out below one of his recent patch note breakdowns!

How to get better at TFT

Maybe after watching all of these videos, and checking out these content creators you really want to learn how to play TFT or League better. We put together a group of videos and posts that may be able to help you learn the basics if you are brand new, or focus your skills a little better if you are more experienced. 

First we have the TFT reddit. On the competitive TFT reddit, thousands of people both casual and pro share their new comps and experiences everyday. It is a great place to learn how to use items more efficiently, as well as what comps you may want to stay away from.  I have linked the reddit just below, make sure to give it a look!

TFT Reddit can be found here: TFT Competitive Reddit

Helpful TeamFight Tactics videos:

How to play League Of Legends

Do you prefer to play the main version of League that got it all started? TFT not really your cup of tea? Check out these videos below to learn the best way to get into League for the first time. Everything from deciding which lane to try, to which champions will be best to learn first these videos below should help figure all of that out!

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