We’re excited to bring you this interview with Youtube’s TheAngryHoneyBadger.  With fantastic content ranging from  gaming videos, to budget gaming PC builds, and product reviews this is a channel we highly recommend.


Tell us a bit about yourself & a quick synopsis of your channel/stream

Hey I’m Andrew, also known around the web as TheAngryHoneyBadger or just Badger. Im 28 and live in Nebraska. I mostly work on my YouTube channel currently making tech videos testing new products, building PC’s and testing everything computer related. Over time my content has led me to multiple jobs in the gaming and tech world and has been a blast. Outside of gaming and tech I work on cars and race them in organized club racing.

How long have you been gaming? What are your top picks right now? Top Picks of all time?

I started really getting into games during middle school when my friend next door owned every console. I never had my own until the PS2 was released. My parents didn’t care for video games when I was young so they didn’t buy me any, I had to play them at my friends house when I could get the chance. Today they are super supportive of all gaming and like it themselves.

How long have you been steaming or creating content? What are your goals?

I’ve been making content for around 5 years and plan to continue making it as long as I have the passion to do so. My current goal is to continue the transition of my League channel into a tech channel. The work has been fun but it’s been a challenge introducing new content to a subscriber base that might not be there for it right away.

How did you get started / what made you want to do it?

I started making videos on my channel when I noticed a channel that was successful was making content I thought I could make better. So I set a goal to start making videos in an attempt to get more subscribers than them. One year later I met that goal.

What has been the most challenging part about twitch/youtube/?

At first dealing with all the hate the internet had to offer was annoying to deal with. I dealt with it at by just deleting a lot of comments. Now days none of that affects me, I have pretty thick skin now.

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What about the most rewarding?

Besides the awesome people I’ve met, places I’ve traveled, and the cool fans I get to interact with I have been able to use the experience i’ve gained to work from some pretty cool companies in the industry. Didn’t think what started as a hobby could lead to my career.

Which do you think has a better monetization model, youtube / twitch – and why?

Monetization can be hard these days but I think you’ll have the best chance on twitch for that. Mostly due to donations from the community. On a good night of streaming it easily out does anything youtube can do unless you have millions of views.

What can we expect to see from you next?

In the future I really want to build very custom themed PC’s. The cost it about the only thing holding me back. If you want to spend the money I would love to build you one!

What tips do you have for  aspiring youtubers to help them if they’re just starting out.
My best advice for anyone who wants to stream or make YouTube videos is to do it because you enjoy it. The second you don’t love what you do stop. It can be a burden to try and make content that you don’t enjoy. It will be obvious to you audience too.

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Twitchapp server:https://app.twitch.tv/servers/Zk3d9P