Tell us a bit about yourself ( age, location, maybe a couple of interesting facts and hobbies)

I’m a mid-20’s Sydney cosplayer with height issues and a love for anything flavored matcha or salted caramel.
Also an ambassador, panelist, actress, motorcyclist, free-diver, and a really shit cook.

Are you a gamer?  What are your top picks right now?

Overwatch has completely taken over my life. I haven’t even touched Mankind Divided or Gears of War 4 because of that game. No regrets, though!
Aside from the obvious, I’m a big fan of the Halo series, Dishonoured, Journey, and really looking forward to Final Fantasy 15 – another game that will suck away what remains of my social life.

 Favourite character(s) and why?

Way, way too many. And again, all that’s on my mind is Overwatch so I’ll pick from there.
Tracer and Sombra are my favourite ladies. Both cheeky and devoted to their cause (in their own way). Out of the boys, Genji is my love. A man who learnt to accept the fate that was bestowed upon him, and has found humility. Plus he owns a gorgeous little cyborg ass.

How long have you been cosplaying?

I’ve been cosplaying for about 10 years now. It’s surprising how much time has flown by, and how much more I still need to learn.

 How did you get started / what made you want to do it?

Originally I started to escape some very negative factors in my life, but fortunately that is all in the past. Now I cosplay to add some spark and creativity into my daily lifestyle, and to inspire others to get into this amazing hobby.

What has been the most challenging part about creating either the props or the costume?

The biggest challenge always comes with my mentality. There are times where I see another cosplayer make the same thing I’m making and just to a perfect job, or a new game gets released with some sick designs, and I give up entirely. 40% of my costumes so far have gone in the bin. However I have become dedicated to change this by setting budgets and photoshoot concepts ahead of time.

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what about the most rewarding?

I must be honest, I try to pick costumes that will specifically look great in photoshoots with the right artist/photographer. And when the photos turn out better than expected, all the stress feels worth it. I love collaborating with the right photographers and designers and go all-out.
I also love going to conventions and seeing new talent. I’m very fortunate to judge or host at many conventions, where I get a real close-up look of everyone’s costumes. Seeing the new tricks that people devise is extremely inspiring!

What do you normally do with the props when you “retire” a character?

Some are recycled, the rare few are sold, most are destroyed within days.

can you speak to any resources that you used to help you complete the cosplay?

First thing that’s important about cosplay is to have your own personal space. A studio is even better. You need the space to breathe, to work, to store your stuff.
Other essentials in your work room: whiteboard, heaps of spare paper rolls and poplin, fan or ventilator, and space to hang reference images.
I collect hundreds of reference images. A mix of official art and fanart to get some new perspectives on whether or not I need to change things up or stay true to the original design.
The biggest resource of all is patience. All. The. Patience.

What has been the most fun, or interesting experience you’ve had while cosplaying?

Travelling overseas for conventions, and meeting all the new people. It’s been an absolute honor to be invited as a guest to many international conventions. Every country has their own unique scenes, with different kinds of access to certain materials.
If you ever want to get inspired, head to Blizzcon or Comic-Con.

 If time and money were no object – who would be your ultimate cosplay?’s mecha, Jessica Rabbit in a pure swarovski dress, or a genderbend Striker Eureka jumpsuit.

What has been the most impressive cosplay you’ve seen to date?  Who was the cosplayer?

By far my favourite s still the Didact from Evil FX.

Do you have a path to monetize this, if so, do you feel like sharing your plans and goals?  Or is this more of a hobby?

It’s a real grey area. I don’t think I could make a career solely out of cosplay, but I do want to use it to get my name out there and enter the games industry. On the side I’m working professionally to gain more events and social media experience, and I run my own sites. That’s where I want to go. I love being in front of a crowd and creating an experience.

 How can people follow your next project?