How to start a YouTube channel

Posting videos on YouTube has been something that everyone who plays video games has once thought about doing.  Many people have tried to start posting videos but realize that after the first few videos that only receive 5 views each that uploading on YouTube is an art of its own.  We decided to put together an all inclusive quick guide on what to work on first and foremost when trying to start a successful money making YouTube channel. Below we will talk about tips and tricks to posting a YouTube video, what it means when a video gets demonetized and multiple different ways to make money by posting YouTube videos.

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program just like becoming a Twitch partner has its own set of requirements.  Achieving YouTube partnership is the highest and only level account above just a basic YouTube account. Having a partner account means that you can start to have ads played on your videos, which will in turn let you start to monetize your entire channel.  Below we have listed the requirements to be able to submit your application to join the elite with the YouTube Partner Program.

Just like with Twitch Partnership once these requirements have been met, it is not a guarantee that you will be accepted for partner. YouTube looks at each channel individually and decides whether or not you are ready for partnership.  It is known that YouTube looks for channels who have been consistently uploading, and do not just have one video that happened to get a lot of views. They look for content creators that will hopefully engage new viewers to stay longer.

What is a Subscriber on YouTube

Subscribing is the main follow method for people who are fans of YouTubers. Subscribing to a channel lets you know when a YouTuber posts a new video, when they go live on a YouTube live stream, or when they post in their community tab.  Unlike twitch, subscribing on YouTube is free, and the partner does not get paid for how many subs they have. With this being said subs are def important as the more subs you have the more people will be alerted when you post a video. Having more people alerted when you post a video means more returning views per video. Views however are what matters most if you are going to be looking to make a livable income from a YouTube channel.  When you place ads on a YouTube video of yours, you will be paid based of the number of views the video received. YouTube however does reward partners who have large numbers of subscribers with sub plaques.. Plaques come in various different styles depending on the size of your subscriber count.

How to get a YouTube Subscriber Plaque

  • The Silver play button – Rewarded to those YouTubers who have at least 100k subscribers. Many YouTubers have reached this goal, and this will be your first stop toward the ultimate ruby play button!
  • The Gold play button – Rewarded to content creators who reach the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube.
  • The Diamond play button – Rewarded to those who surpass the 10 million subscriber mark. As of June 2019 there are only 432 channels that have received this plaque.
  • The custom/ruby play button – This plaque is rewarded to those channels who clear the 50 million subscriber goal. It has the creators custom logo etched into it. To this day there are only 6 channels who have received one of these prestigious rewards.

YouTube Tags, and why they are important

Tagging is one of the most important aspects when posting a YouTube video. Tags are used by YouTube as a way to rank your video in YouTube’s search results.  Most tags are not meant to be specific. Tags should be generic, and general so that you can hit a wider audience. It should describe in every way what your video is about, where it is located, type of video it is with easy to understand words. If you are posting a video about how to train a horse to jump. Some example tags would be horse, animal, train, horse jump, location, and any other items you think someone may search or to find your video.  An easy way to think about it would be to ask yourself what would you like someone to type in the search bar for your video to appear and be targeted. Below is a screenshot of some example tags on a video from a largely successful YouTuber.

Why Thumbnails and Clickbait titles are important

Thumbnails and video titles are a big part of uploading a video. It is the very first thing a potential viewer will see. When they are looking through the long list of potential videos, a nice thumbnail picture or a catchy “clickbait” title may be the reason that a viewer clicks on your video over someone else’s. Make sure that your thumbnail looks professional, make sure that you title says what you are providing in the video while still making sure that your title is catchy and will grab the viewer’s attention. We posted below a few examples of what a professional thumbnail will look like. Feel free to experiment with different styles of thumbnails, and different ways of promoting your title. Find out what works best on your channel, and then stick with it. It is very frowned upon to say something in your title that is not true of your video, so make sure to keep the clickbait accurate. Keep any fowl language out of your title as usually that is an automatic reason to demonetize your video.

We asked Gregor a highly successful YouTuber his thoughts on what it mean to have a good thumbnail and title.

First impressions matter. For a brief second, a thumbnail is the only impression you’re going to give to a potential viewer. I think the fastest way to elevate your clicks is a good thumbnail with a concise title. – Gregor, Rainbow Six YouTuber

How to stop YouTube Demonetization

Having a video Demonetized is a YouTubers worst nightmare. Having your video demonetized means that YouTube will not allow your video to have any sort of ads placed on it, which means no money will be made off of that video. Your video can be demonetized for a number of reasons. First being YouTube deems that your video is not advertiser friendly. There is no clear cut list that is set that determines what is deemed ad safe. There are however guidelines that YouTube has set out but they are just guidelines, they can be greatly up for debate. This has led to a really large upset form many YouTube partners. Second is using excessive foul language. Even if you have bleeped it out in your video, if it is extremely excessive YouTube will mostly like strike your video as not safe for ads. Lastly is having any sort of copyright material in your video. If your video gets copyright claimed for possibly having copyrighted music or video, then the person the music belongs to has the option to pull down your video, or to allow your video to stay up to the public, If they decided to leave it up to the public, then they will receive any money brought in by ads on that video. Either way it is not a good situation for the person posting the video.  If one of your videos does indeed get demonetized, there are ways to see why it was marked, and then you are able to edit the video to meet the YouTube Guidelines.

A link to the Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines: Content Guidelines here.

A link to the Advertiser Friendly Content Examples: Content Examples here.

A link to the YouTube program policies: Program Policies here.

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube live streaming is a bit of a newer addition to the YouTube platform. It is very similar to Twitch live streaming, however there are a few differences. Viewers can still join your stream as a subscriber of sorts for 4.99 a month. They may  also choose to pay for super chat, which makes their message in chat glow in bright neon colors and stay at the top of the message board. One main difference is that if you choose to stream from a mobile device, you must have at least 1000 subscribers, unpaid subscribers of course. Another difference is that you can receive a bit of pay from every YouTube premium viewer who watches your live stream. Although this is not very easy to promote to your viewers, it is a nice added bonus especially when you have a large viewing audience.  Live streaming can be a great way to connect your audience to you in between uploads. 

How to upload a video to YouTube

We have attached a checklist that we feel covers the basic and more advanced tips and ideas when making sure you have done everything you could for your video both before and after you upload it.

Other Industry professionals giving YouTube advice

We reached out to Hixcap, another successful Rainbow Six YouTuber. We asked him what he thought was most important when starting a brand new YouTube channel.

I’d say the most important thing Is to offer something different or better to viewers, like better quality vlogs or a new video idea/format – Hixcap, Rainbow Six YouTuber

Starting a YouTube channel is not something that can be done in one day, or by ready one article. There are many different ways, different styles different kinds of channels, and you will need to find which one works best for you.  Below we have given you 3 YouTube videos. Each one telling there thoughts on the best way to get started and grow a successful YouTube channel. We suggest watching all 3, as each one will almost definitely have a different tip or trick than the one before. If you are interested in streaming on Twitch we have wrote an all inclusive guide on How to make money on Twitch article. Click the link below to check it out!

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