*Disclaimer* We are not pro League of Legend players, nor would we ever pretend to be. We are actually just average players. Being average players is what makes us best to write this sort of article. We explain how to learn League of Legends from the average skilled players point of view. We remember what the hardest parts to learn were. This entire guide is a guide for the casual player by the casual player.

Episode 1

Each week we will be posting here to this blog a different part of learning the massive game of League Of Legends. We will start from the beginning in learning the different game modes, different roles, different champions, and the massive amount of League Of Legends lingo used throughout the game. Make sure to check back each week to see what you can learn about League Of Legends!

How to get better at League Of Legends

Summoners Rift is one of 4 gameplay options in League Of Legends. It is by far the most played and in turn most popular map or game mode played. Summoners Rift is played with 2 teams of 5 champions. Each team takes turns selecting their champions until all 5 team players have selected. Once in game, the team must decide which person and champion plays where.

Summoners Rift contains 3 main lanes of play, as well as a jungle area consisting of many different beasts varying in strength.  Typically different champions play better in certain lanes. Keep and eye on future League articles as which champions should play where is our next topic we will cover. First we have the top lane. The top lane is a 1v1 lane and is usually played by tankier champions. Second we have mid. The mid lane is also a 1v1 lane that is normally played by champions who can both be tanky and deal dps. Mid lane is very flexible and can almost be played by any champion. Next we have the bottom lane. The bottom lane is a 2v2 lane with one champion who is a main dps, and one champion who would be their support. The ADC or dps role is meant to grow stronger over time, until they are able to damage entire teams. The support role is made to keep the ADC alive. In team fights the support usually has different abilities to support the entire team.  The last would be jungler. The junglers roles is to flank the top and bottom lane to help the other team members, and kill jungle “creep” to slowly grow stronger over time.

Winning in Summoners Rift like most games is all that matters. The object of the game is to destroy the enemies Nexus. The object of the game is to slowly progress down each lane, destroying your enemies towers until you are finally able to push into the enemy’s base and win!

Summoners Rift has a normal way to play as well as a ranked mode. Playing and winning is how to move up ranks. This is where you will find the most players. You may que up as a solo, and group of 2, or a group of 3-5. Each one holds its own rank.

If you are looking to learn the basics of League Of Legends, as well as play the game and mode that millions and millions have fallen in love with, then give Summoners Rift a try!

How to play ARAM

Next we have the second most played game mode ARAM, or the Howling Abyss.  ARAM is a great way to learn how to play different champions. The idea of ARAM is that all 5 champions play down one single lane. On top of all of that champions are handed out at random. ARAM or “All Random, All Mid” is a fun and terrific game mode for those who are not sure what champions they like best.

At the beginning of the game, each champion starts at level 3. This is so each champion starts the game with all 3 of their first abilities. Each side of the 1 lane field is exactly identical. 2 turrets in lane, and 2 turrets guarding the Nexus. Just before each turret on both sides is a health pack, that after 3 seconds heals everyone standing in the vicinity of the health pack. The object of this game mode is the same as others. Destroy the enemy turrets, and destroy the enemy Nexus before they are able to destroy yours. There is also a ranked and normal mode for this game type. Ranks and ways of ranking up are the same across all of the different League Of Legends game types. 

What is Twisted Treeline

The last general game mode for League Of Legends is named Twisted Treeline.Twisted Treeline is by far the most different from the typical 5v5 Summoner’s Rift. Twisted Treeline is a gamemode that is played 3v3 and is mainly based on ganking. Ganking is the act of sneaking up behind or to the side of your enemy and catching them off guard.

Twisted Treeline consists of 2 lanes that are connected to one joint area. Each of the 3 champions start the game with a good amount of gold. This allows champions to begin buying and building items to become stronger. Twisted Treeline is designed in every way to force quick small skirmishes. This makes Treeline a place where many many fights happen throughout a game, and focuses on repeated battle. If you are looking to have constant non stop action while still getting a feel for how playing in lane would work, than Twisted Treeline could be for you!

For those of you who do better visually learning, we have linked some videos for beginner tips to League of Legends below! Make sure to read first and then watch to maximize the information!

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