We interview YouTuber HalfSlab Bacon a self described old-school gamer who contemplates loving Minecraft more than Zelda. Regardless of your personal opinions on which game is better, we love hearing about people playing games they love, and creating content.  Check this one out!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a Canadian gamer, tech nerd & Chef who decided to share my gaming experiences with others on YouTube. I go by the name HalfSlabBacon online which is a reference to both Minecraft & cooking. We have a saying in my house that “Everything Is Better with Bacon” which I used for my channel tag line.

At the moment my content is focused on Vanilla Minecraft as I have a deep passion for the game. Coincidentally, that is also what most of my viewers came to the channel for. In addition, I upload Minecraft Map playthroughs, occasionally check out new games, and have my own Ark Survival Evolved server that I record on.

How long have you been gaming? What are your top picks right now? Top Picks of all time?


I’m what you would consider an old school gamer, as I was playing back when we still did so in arcades. Growing up I had an Atari 2600, an NES, and even played games on my father’s PC’s. The first PC gaming experience I had was on an Intel 286 platform, for those who remember what that was. I got hooked on PC’s and started tearing them apart back then, which eventually led to me becoming a bit of a tech nerd & PC gamer.

Right now my favorite games would be Minecraft & Ark. I’ll be picking up a copy of Zelda Breath of the Wild soon, which I’m sure will be a favorite, as all Zelda titles have been since the very first one. I try to keep an eye out for new exciting titles in the indie scene; however it’s pretty rare these days to find the diamond in the rough so to speak. So many new games are just clones of someone else’s successful title. I find this even more of a problem in the AAA part of the industry where annual titles are really just last year’s game with a different title/map. Assassin’s Creed is a great example of a series that started strong, then became all about an annual cash in. In the past few years for AAA, outside of Nintendo’s work, the Batman & Tomb Raider series have been the only ones to really excite me when I played them.

My favorite games of all time are really nostalgic… The first Legend of Zelda, as well as Link To The Past have so many fond memories, and more playthroughs then I can count. Ocarina of Time however, to this day is my all time favorite. I continue to fire up a new save year after year, and never get bored of playing it through. It’s a masterpiece!

Who is your favorite gaming character?

Link is my all time favorite character, as I’m sure you guessed by now. Falling in line behind him, would have to be Mario & Sonic of course. Then again, that really was the golden age of gaming, which is why so many others have the same characters on their list.

How long have you been steaming or creating content? What are your goals?


I’m pretty new to content creation as I only got serious with it about a year & a half ago. Initially I just had one series in mind, then I fell in love with doing it and found the ideas just keep coming. Moving forward, like any serious content creator, I’d like to keep growing, see how much I can improve, and just how far it will take me. Mostly, I’m just enjoying sharing my ideas & experiences with the awesome community of subs I’ve collected!

How did you get started / what made you want to do it?


My desire to do YouTube actually came as a result of Minecraft and the value of the YouTube community I found due to that game. I got started playing Minecraft because my son had an interest in it. When I looked up the game and found how in depth the game was, I realized I’d never have time to learn it all and explain it to my son at the pace he needed. So I turned to YouTube and searched the term “Minecraft Tutorial”. I found PaulSoaresJr. who started a series called “How To Survive & Thrive”. He began this series in Minecraft beta and took it all the way to 1.8. In the series, every episode aimed to teach something new about the game to those looking to play it. This series became a favorite for me and my son, and the basis of our Minecraft knowledge.
Through PSJ, I found many other Minecraft YouTubers and learned countless other things about the game. Eventually, he burned out playing Minecraft and announced the Survive & Thrive series would not continue into 1.9. This saddened me as I realized there would no longer be a series like that for people in my shoes moving forward. A couple days later, I came to the conclusion that someone needed to start a fresh series, and decided I would give it a go. This was what made me start the channel & My main series, which was then titled 1.9 Survival Tutorial, to pick up where PSJ left off.
The name for the First season of that world changed to Minecraft Survival Tutorial as season 1 went up until 1.11, just to cover everything I wanted to explain. Season 2 began in the same world after I felt I had covered everything needed to take someone from noob to pro in the Minecraft world. It is now titled Bacon’s World, and continues to be my main series. Of course we’re into much more complicated things this season, like mass storage systems, shulker box unloaders & sand duplicators. I have so many ideas, that the series will likely go on for years.

What has been the most challenging part about youtube?

For me the most challenging part was learning to relax and be confident about what I was sharing. I look back at my older videos now and it’s so obvious I was nervous filming myself. As the community grew and showed their appreciation, my confidence grew as well

What about the most rewarding?


Getting the feedback from subscribers is absolutely the most rewarding part. Talking with them and getting their comments is really what I feel keeps my motivation & creative ideas coming.

What are some things that you attribute your success to?


I would say that I’ve grown so far because I am sharing something I enjoy doing and focus on that. I make content about stuff I want to do and share with others, and as a result it’s authentic.

Can you speak to any resources that you used to help you get to where you are today?

Honestly most of it has been a trial and error thing. I had to try many different things with hardware, software, and even ways of recording before I found the style that worked best for me. Of course it’s continually evolving, as I’m always trying new things behind the scenes to improve my content.

What has been the most fun, or interesting experience you’ve had while steaming or putting together some content?

Streaming was overwhelming for me at first. I’d do two or three hours and be exhausted just trying to game and watch the chat. Now I find the more I do it, the easier it gets, and the more enjoyable it is. Getting to chat live with my viewers is probably the most fun part of everything for me right now.

Which do you think has a better monetization model, youtube / twitch – and why?

I think long term, from a business perspective, a large channel needs to span multiple platforms so they are independent, and not overly invested in any one of them. The real earning potential comes not from having monetization on one platform or the other, but in building a brand that companies want to work with directly.

Who are some of your favourite streamers / content creators?
That’s a pretty big list as I watch many across many different subjects. I’d have to say for gaming, Etho is above all my favorite Minecraft YouTuber. He does his own thing, his way, and doesn’t feel pressured to put out content. When a video goes up, it’s because he had a desire to make it, and that keeps his videos interesting. There are so many others in gaming, and then in tech, news, etc. They all seem to have one thing in common though… They’re doing it because they love it, not just for views, subs or money.
13) What can we expect to see from you next?
At the moment I’m looking to continue with what I have been doing, but add more streaming to the mix. Beam has an interactive stream system in place that I’d love to get into… I’m sure my viewers would enjoy being able to drop anvils on my head or blow me up live in game for example.

What programs / tools / gear / specs do you use for youtube ?

My gaming system is an i5 with a GTX 950. In addition I have other PC’s I offload streaming and server tasks to.
For recording/streaming I use a Blue Snowball mic and Mirillis Action for software.
For editing/channel art I use Premiere Pro, Audition, & Photoshop… Thankfully I had these for work already, as they are expensive, and I wouldn’t recommend the investment to someone starting out.

what tips do you have for an aspiring steamers, youtubers to help them if they’re just starting out.

For someone starting out I think the most important advice, is to do it because you want to do it for fun, or have something to share. If you’re getting into this for the money, that’s the wrong motivation & you’ll likely burn out. It’s hard work, you may never make decent money, and if you’re not having fun, it’ll show in your content and people won’t watch. It should be a passion first & foremost. If it grows into a business from there, you’ll be one of the lucky ones.



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