We are really inspired by beautiful gaming setups and as part of a new blog series wanted to share some of the most stunning setups around.  Today we’re interviewing Josh (@pneub) on his amazing DreakDesk setup.  be sure to comment if you like this content / want to see anything else in the future!

Tell us a little about yourself
1) I’m 32, live in Southern California, and I work as a industrial product developer. I have lots of hobbies; photography, illustration, reading, backpacking, snowboarding, board games, cars, fitness, and some gaming.

Check out this BEFORE picture:

How long have you been a gamer?

2) I’ve been gaming since my first 486 when I was 8 or 9 years old. I got sucked into the Sim series (SimFarm, SimTower, SimCopter). Eventually I moved on to RTS games playing lots of Command & Conquer and original Starcraft. These days 75% of my gaming is spent on Rocket League and the other 25% scattered across various genres (Ori and the Blind Forest, Dishonored, Titanfall 2, The Witcher, Cities: Skylines)

Is this mainly a gaming setup?
4) My rig is mainly used for gaming but I also do photo and video editing on here. I make sure to keep work related things out of this room. This is my place of comfort so I only do the things I enjoy in here.

What was the hardest part about this setup?

6) The challenging part of a setup like this is trying to make a computer room without it feeling like a computer room. There are so many awesome setups out there with an expanse of monitors and beautiful colored lights (I’ve had rooms like this in the past) but they never felt warm and inviting. They were clearly “gaming rooms” and this is more than that to me. This is my personal lounge so I focused less on the computer and more about what went around it. There are lots of personal items around the room, including artwork from family and friends, trinkets tied to memories, special gifts, and inspirational books. My big focus was on material and colors, picking the right lighting to go with the right wood, the shelves to match the other furniture, and the right wall color. There was a lot of exploration and work to figure out the right combination of items and placement before I was satisfied.

Do you have any recommendations for people looking to upgrade their gaming setup?

8) My advice when building up a room is don’t order one item at a time. Use pinterest and other forums like r/battlestations to find the look and aesthetic you want. Pick the majority of your items out and make sure it all works together before your order anything. Then focus on making the room personal. Surround yourself with sentimental items and organize them well.

If time and money were not object what would be your dreamdesk?

15) This is basically my dream setup. Only thing missing is I will eventually get a lounge chair for reading but otherwise I built the setup I have always hoped for. A room like this didn’t come cheap though. My rig itself is custom built with an i7 6600k with a 1080 but computer aside, the custom desk, shelving, audio equipment, lighting, blinds, paint, molding, etc probably cost about $3000+. That doesn’t include some of the really special artwork that I have up and the cashmere silk rug which is valued at a good amount more. That being said, it would only take more time and energy to find many or all of the items for a room like this at yard sales, consignment shops, craigslist and other places. You don’t have to spend a fortune to design your room. You just have to know what you’re looking for, be patient, and build what you want and not what’s convenient. 

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