Esports industry insider

Franchises / Publishers

CWL Commissioner

Activision finally confirmed that Johanna Faries has been appointed to Commissioner of Call of Duty esports. She previously held the title of head of Call of Duty esports before the decision was mad to take Call of Duty down the franchising path.  In an interview she stated that her job now shifts from mainly focusing on internal things and design, to a world wide esports ecosystem that will see the addition of many new franchise teams from all over the world.

LCS Caffeine co-streaming partnership

The NA LCS has signed an official co-streaming deal with Caffeine. Caffeine is a broadcasting platform for social, live gaming, esports and sports. All LCS matches will now be streamed on Caffeine as well as all other platforms. The LCS stated that with the recent growth they have been seeing, they wanted to make sure that viewers and fans could watch and enjoy the LCS every week on their preferred platform and devices of choice. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2v2 Multiplayer reveal

Activision has finally released there multiplayer reveal for the new Call of Duty, Modern Warfare. During a live stream put on by Activison, fans could watch famous content creators Courage, Teepee, Legion and Syndicate compete in the new mode of 2v2. Viewers could get there first look at 2 of the smaller maps, and a wide arrange of the guns. Although not a ton of information was given out, fans can expect to learn fully what Multiplayer will look like thus year on August 1st, during Call of Duty’s next full reveal.

Leagues / Platforms

Overwatch League new role lock in update

Overwatch has finally made a change to the way competitive and the OWL will be played. The reception from players seems to be mixed so far, but over all seems most are willing to give it a try.  The new format of 2x2x2 will completely change the way teams pick and sub players in and out. Each team will now lock 2 dps 2 tanks and 2 support. The players who lock those roles may swap heroes any time during the game, but only from the list that you locked into. Meaning a McCree player who locked dps may switch from McCree to reaper, however he may not switch to mercy if more healing is needed. This will additionally cut down on teams running more than 2 tanks. Many people believe that this will make the OWL easier and more enjoyable to watch, although that is yet to be proven.

Apex Legends joins the X-Games

Apex Legends will join the short list of games that will be held as part of the X-Games. Call of Duty, Halo and CS:GO are previous titles, however X-Games has not had an esports section in the past 3 years.  20+ of the highest caliber teams will be invited to play with teams like CLG, Cloud 9, Splyce, and many more attending. This will also give us our first real look at what competitive Apex esports will look like on the big stage. People are wondering whether certain players are really as good as they seem playing ranked in a non competitive setting.

ESL brings on MTN DEW as global beverage partner

ESL brought on MTN Dew Game Fuel as its official global beverage partner. This comes after a long relationship MTN DEW has had with ESL and CS:GO. Game Fuel will be the main beverage sponsor for all major ESL events and leagues into 2020. It will also bring us a after match segment featuring the best plays from any semi final or final CS:GO or Dota 2 match. Here we will get to see analysts break down some of the best plays from the match just watched live.

RFRSH Entertainment splits from Astralis

RFRSH Entertainment has split from its esports division including CSGO welterweights Astralis. RFRSH said that they needed to focus on running their premier CS:GO events and leagues. Although not much more information was given, it was mentioned that Astralis will be moved to the RFRSH esports division which has yet to be named.

Esports Teams 

FaZe Clan X Wix Partnership

Faze clan have announced that Wix will be Faze Clans official website and design partner. Wix along with faze will provide fans with integrated social and digital content. Wix is one of the newer groups who are non endemic to the scene that have come into esports with a large name like Faze,

100 Thieves receive 25 million in series B funding

Nadeshot announced earlier this week that 100 Thieves had raised 25 million dollars in series B funding. This is coming off a highly successful year not only in content creation but its esports teams in Call of Duty, Fortnite, and League of Legends.  With celebrity Drake, billionaire Dan Gilbert and Scooter Braun in his corner it is not hard to see why 100 Thieves has been successful. Many believe that the new investment money will be used in part to buy a franchise spot in the newly franchised Call of Duty world league.

Cavs Legion Gaming Clubs new esports center

The Cavaliers NBA 2K League Affiliate Team Cavs Legion Gaming Club have announced that they are set to open a nearly 3000 square ft esports center in Cleveland this fall. It will be home to over 40 gaming stations with equipment from various sponsors including Alienware and Steel Series. The Cavs hope that this will give a place for its NBA 2k team to practice and perfect their skills as a team. They also stated that there will be a stage made for 6v6 gaming with a video wall and analyst desk. This leaves many to believe that matches or esports events will be held or streamed from the venue.

Esports industry Job listings

League of Legends Regional Scout

Counter Logic Gaming

Culver City (California), USA

Level: Intermediate

Contract: Freelance (Paid)


Director of Central Community

PUBG Corporation

Santa Monica (California), USA

Level: Senior 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Community Management


Head of Global Talent and Learning Development


San Francisco (California), USA

Level: Senior 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Operations


Digital Marketing Manager

Epic Games

Cary (North Carolina), USA

Level: Senior 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Marketing


Esports Arena Assistant

Durham College

Oshawa (Ontario), Canada

Level: Junior 

Contract: Part Time (Paid)

Sectors: Administrative, Customer Service

$14 (CAD) per hour


Esports Observer, Overwatch

Overwatch League

Burbank (California), USA

Level: Intermediate 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Production


Esports & Influencer Marketing Manager


Chicago (Illinois), USA

Level: Intermediate 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Marketing


Business & Strategy Lead – Twitch Rivals


San Francisco (California), USA

Level: Intermediate 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: Business Development


IT Technician

Esports Arena

Las Vegas (Nevada), USA

Level: Intermediate 

Contract: Full Time (Paid)

Sector: IT

$15 – $20 (USD) per hour