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Super Smash College Scholarship

The University of California in Irvine will begin to offer 6 students a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Scholarship. Starting in the upcoming school year, open tryouts will be held to determine the 6 students who will receive their share of the 50k donation. UCI is adding this scholarship to their already running list of esports scholarships having one for both Overwatch and League Of Legends. Students will still be expected to keep up with their grades, as well as give Smash its fair time in practice each week.

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The final Call Of Duty Champs

This upcoming weekend could very well be the beginning of the end for a long memory filled era. Call of Duty has held its prestigious COD Champs every year since the game began on the MLG circuit. With COD moving over to franchising the next competitive year, there is a very real chance that this will be the final COD champs as we know them. Whether you have supported fan favorites OpTic Gaming or FaZe Clan or newer teams to COD, every player, caster, and fan has a COD champs memory that they will never forget. If you are interested in watching possibly for the last time, check out any of CODs Twitch channels this weekend. All matches will be live streamed on there.

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Ninja Moves to Mixer

Almost impossible to miss, one of the biggest stories this week is Ninja leaving Twitch and streaming exclusively on Mixer. Ninja who had become the largest Twitch streamer over the last two years with nearly 14 million followers peaking at 200k + subs his dominance was nothing but impressive.  Seemingly out of nowhere to the public Ninja announced that Mixer would be his new home. All viewers will be able to subscribe to Ninja on Mixer for free for his first 2 months. Although there was a bit of drama started with Twitch advertising other streamers on Ninjas offline page, most of it has since been cleaned up and Ninjas move to Mixer continues the conversation on whether or not streamers need Twitch, or Twitch needs the streamers.

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NSE X ESL Partnership

NSE and ESL will be working together to bring students an opportunity to start their journey into esports early. The 2 companies will be partnered together working with different universities in the UK to begin teaching students to be a player, content creator, caster or be involved in esports in anyway possible. Not only will it give a possible future to those students who desire to work in this field, but it will help keep the UK esports scene alive with new fresh faces and ideas. A quote from Jon Tilbury, Executive Director of NSE “Universities have always been a hub for the next generation of talent in any emerging industry and it’s no different for esports”

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LCS to auction off Echo Fox spot.

After both the LCS and Echo Fox both agreed to part ways this past week, LCS made an announcement that it will be auctioning off the now available LCS spot. The LCS will be conducting this auction similar to the way they did in 2017. A quote from the LCS commissioner Chris Greeley he said. “We will focus on evaluating each applicant’s ownership profile, brand strategy, business plan, and team operational plan.” There are many teams who are rumored to be looking for a LCS spot so it will be interesting to see who is the new addition to the League.

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TSM wins first major Apex Legends event.

Last weekend we saw Apex Legends have their first major “Pro” LAN event. With some of the biggest names there such as Splyce, CLG, TSM, C9, and many many more the competition was steep. The event was held as part of the X-Games which in the past has featured titles like Halo and Call of Duty.  Being part of the X-Games means that players were playing for more than just money, with a X-Games gold medal on the line! Going into the very last game on the final day, TSM and Reciprocity were dead even tied. TSM who had the lead for the majority of the weekend were able to keep themselves composed and pulled out the win! Overall the weekend was fun to watch, and gave us a great look at what we can expect for future Apex Legends LAN events.

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Twitter and Fnatic in a small discrepancy

Shockingly last week, Fnatic woke up to find that their twitter account had been deactivated. It soon became public knowledge that Twitter had shut down the account because it believed that the Owner was under the age requirement of 13 when he created the account. The account owner soon responded saying he was 19 at the time of creation, and he would have no issues proving it. At the time this was written, the Fnatic account had been given back, however it was at 0 followers. Unsure if they will have to start over after almost a decade legacy.

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Astralis brings on a new chair sponsor

Recently announced, CS:GO powerhouse team Astralis has made Secret Labs their official chair partner. While chair sponsors are nothing new to the esports industry everyone can appreciate a cool looking chair when they see one. Announced at the same time by Secret Lab was there Astralis inspired “Chair Of Champions” While the chair may not help you play as good as the Astralis players, you will certainly be comfortable.

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