Chris, aka TheChosenBoi shares some insights into his world of Cosplaying, including some tips and experiences on some of the best aspects about cosplay.  Make sure to follow TheChosenBoi and leave comments below 🙂


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Chris, I’m 24 years old and I live in Florida. I’m a cosplayer who loves attending conventions and meeting people. I like to do a lot of things, like playing video games and travel as much as I can.

How long have you been cosplaying?

I’ve been cosplaying for about 5 years so around the year 2012.


What has been the most challenging part about creating either the props or the costume?

When I cosplay, I try to be as accurate as I possibly can with the costume. It can be difficult trying to find the right color of clothes for the costume. There have been times where it has been quite the troublesome dilemma, but I never gave up.

What do you normally do with the props when you “retire” a character?

I treat all of my cosplays like if they were my babies, I’ve never retired one because every cosplay I’ve done has a special place in my heart. I can be somewhat picky on who to cosplay because I want to make sure I can keep on cosplaying that character for years to come, plus I also have to share a bond with the character in order for me to cosplay said person.

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What has been the most fun, or interesting experience you’ve had while cosplaying?

Attending out of state anime conventions and making new friends. I’ve become good friends with so many wonderful people this past year due to traveling meeting people who you know on social media and who follow you and like what you do. Photoshoots are also a lot of fun, especially when you get back the pictures and shed a tear because of amazing they come out!

If time and money were no object – who would be your ultimate cosplay?

So the Ultimate Cosplay is definitely happening by the end of the year. I’ll be working on Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. It has been a cosplay I’ve been always dreaming of doing and I believe I can finally work on this due to the experience I’ve gained by all the advice my friends have shared with me.


What has been the most impressive cosplay you’ve seen to date? Who was the cosplayer?

I’ve seen my share of truly amazing cosplayers, from people wearing huge armor and cosplaying Thanos, to my friend Alysson Tabbitha cosplaying her Edward Scissorhands. Cosplayers with these experiences really blow me away and motivate me to push myself and become better in the future.


Do you have a path to monetize this, if so, do you feel like sharing your plans and goals? Or is this more of a hobby?

At first I started cosplaying and making it a hobby. Something that you can do and wear at conventions and walk around feeling happy, like distressing yourself from everyday life problems. I’m a chubby cosplayer, so I’m not out there to impress anyone, I cosplay for myself and to just have fun, but the past couple of months have been interesting for me. I’ve met people who follow me, who tell me that I inspire them and thank me for not giving up and for inspiring chubby cosplayers not to give up or to let bad criticism get over their head. I’m so happy my cosplays and the content I put on my Instagram can make people happy and that is what truly matters to me. I’m not in it for the follows, I’m in it for the inspiration and motivation.

How can people follow your next project?

If you google search “Steven Universe Cosplay” you’ll see me in my Steven cosplay, definitely follow me on Instagram since I’m usually active there more and love interacting with my followers.
Instagram: @thechosenboi
Twitter: @thechosenboi
Facebook: /thechosenboi


What tips do you have for an aspiring cosplayer?

Just cosplay a character that you think you share a deep connection with. Don’t stress yourself with cosplay, have fun making your costume and enjoy every single bit of it.