Interview With YouTube’s SoupaSoka Gaming

Interview With SoupaSoka

We had a great interview with gaming YouTuber SoupaSoka.  Some insights on creative fulfillment, gaming related self-improvement, and even tips on narrowing down your Niche – keep reading for more! Tell us a bit about yourself and your channel 28 years old, Illinois/USA. I’m a full-time scientist; I’ve published around twenty peer-reviewed scientific papers and […]

Official Cosplay References for Overwatch Heroes are Available

FanFit Gaming Overwatch Cosplay reference

Cosplayers and artists who are looking for the Blizzard official icons, color guides, and designs now have access to PDF’s with detailed information.  Inside the cosplay reference guides you’ll find all sorts of goodies like detailed hero designs from all angles, and even hexadecimal color codes so that you can stay as close to the […]