Best champions to play in each role

This is the 3rd guide in a series! If you are just finding this blog post, and are here to learn about different League Of Legends champions, make sure to check out all of our “How to learn League Of Legends” guides in order!
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Best Top Lane Champions

Darius – Darius is a popular top lane pick. Darius is a bit more tanky than the average champion but he is not a full blown tank. The potential for Darius to deal damage, especially in the late game is extremely high. Darius has the potential to kill an entire team if put in the right circumstance. The idea behind using Darius is his ability to “stack” damage or bleeds onto the enemy. Every time you hit an enemy champion with an attack, Darius puts a small blood droplet, or a small bleed (hp burn over time) on them. Each champion can only hold a max of 5 stacks. So if you are in the top lane fighting a 1v1 against the enemy top laner, your goal will be to hit them 5 times as to put the max 5 stacks on them. Once they have max 5 stacks, your ultimate Noxious Guillotine does its maximum amount of damage. This is the main way Darius becomes lethal. Once an enemy or enemies has 5 stacks, Darius leaps into the air with his ultimate and deals an insanely high # of damage. If an enemy is killed using his ultimate, it also resets the cooldown of it, allowing him to leap from one champion to another dealing damage.

A quick overview of Darius attacks

Q – Darius spins his axe in a 360 degrees circle hitting anything around him. The further the enemy is away, the more damage, the close the enemy champion is the least damage.

E – Darius throws his axe forward latching on to anyone in his path, and pulls them back into him.
W – Darius is able to perform 2 auto attacks in quick succession.
R – Darius leaps into the air smashing his axe down on the enemy. The more blood dots or bleeds they have on them, the more damage this ultimate does.

Sion – Although Sion and Darius are both top laners, their job is a bit different. Where Darius is more of the bruiser type, Sion is truly a tank. Sion’s main job is to stay alive, eat damage in a teamfight, and to knock up or stun the enemy with his attacks. All of scions attacks are used to aid himself or his team in staying alive or slowing down his enemies. Sion has a shield that lowers the damage that hits him. Sions other 3 attacks all in some way slow or knock up the enemy champion or champions. Sion is a great beginner champion for new players to learn. His large health pool is forgiving in the early laning phases, and his moves and abilities are very straightforward. If you are looking to get a lot of kills then this is not the champion for you, but if you are looking to win the game, assist your team in getting kills, and possibly being the reason your team wins the next team fight, then Sion may be the pick for you!

A quick overview of Sion attacks

Q – Sion slams his axe down on the ground in front of him knocking up and stunning everyone in front of him.
W – Sion forms a shield around him, giving him temporary HP, and lowering the damage that hits him.
E – Sion throws a stun that slows the enemies movement and armor. If Sion hits a minion with this, the minion flys backwards in that direction. If the minion hits the enemy champion it slows and lowers their armor even more.
R – Sion goes berserk, and rushes forward. Moving across the map very quickly it can be hard to turn him on sharp corners. When Sion makes contact with enemy champions, he smashes into them knocking them all up and stunning them, allowing for his team to take over the fight.

Best Mid Lane Champions

Veigar – The first Mid champion we will go over is Veigar. Although he may be very tiny his impact he can have in game is very large. Veigar’s play style is all about control, it is his job to make sure the enemy champions are only moving where the team wants them to move. Veigar is a dark sorcerer who deals damage from spells hitting the enemy. One of Veigar’s greatest moves is his EVENT HORIZON. Event Horizon spawns an octagon of walls that traps enemy champions in side. If the enemy or enemies attempt to pass through one of the walls, they are stunned and unable to move. By stunning or controlling where the enemy champions will be, Veigar makes group fights for his team very easy. Not only is Veigar great at controlling the enemy team, but he can also deal out pretty high damage. If you focus on building items that give Veigar AP or ability power, then his spells will begin to really damage enemy champions. Veigar is an all around great champion that’s fun to play. Just be cautious as his size does somewhat reflect his health pool. “Small”

A quick overview of Veigar attacks

Q – Veigar shoots a dark spell at enemies stunning them and dealing damage if it hits them.
W – Veigar summons a dark spell meteor to fall out of the sky dealing extreme damage if it lands on the enemy champion.

E – Veigar summons and arena with arcane walls. If an enemy attempts to pass through those walls the enemy is stunned, essentially trapping the enemy or enemies inside.
R – Veigar shoots a very large dark magic death ball at an enemy champion. The lower health the enemy has the more damage this Ultimate does.

Akali – The next mid champion we have is Akali. Akali is considered an assassin, and most of her moves back that up. Akali is a quick ninja like dps who can easily attack and get away before you even have a chance to hit her back.  Akali has a dash backwards that launches a huge shuriken at an enemy champions, and she also utilizes smoke bombs which allow her to become invisible and attack while she cannot be seen. She can also attack from range with her kunai throw, which makes her dangerous to melee champions as well.  She has the move and skill set to take on any champion in the game, and get away with her life after ending theirs. Although Akali like most other assassins is a bit “squishy”, her ability to disengage from a fight is what will keep her alive even with the low health pool. As you are reading this, I am sure that you are thinking that Akali would be really fun to play, and she is, but we must warn you that she is one of the more technically difficult champions to play. You need to make sure you are dashing away at the right time, and not wasting it in a situation that does not require it. Although very rewarding once you have her mastered, Akali will be a bit of a struggle for any new Summoner.

A quick overview of Akali attacks

Q – Akali throws a handful of kunai towards her enemy dealing damage.

W – Akali throws a smoke bomb at the ground disappearing inside of the smoke. You are able to attack while being hidden, until the smoke disperses.
E – Akali Launches a huge shuriken at an enemy and dash back a large distance from the enemy.
R – Akali dashes through the enemy dealing damage, you can re dash back through the enemy executing them dealing very high damage.

Best Support Champions

Braum is the living embodiment of a support champion. Carrying around a huge shield, his main job is to stand in front of his ADC, and block the damage. Yes Braums biggest ability is being able to stand in front of his ADC and eat whatever attacks the enemies throw at him. Braums skill kit is fully equipped in helping with this deed. Braum has a very large shield made of unbreakable ice that he can hold in front of him stopping nearly all damage from passing through. He also has the ability to leap to his ally ADC landing right in front of him ready to stop any large attacks that may be coming. Like most supports, Braums ultimate has the potential to affect the entire enemy team. Braum slams the ground causing a huge ice fissure to appear, stunning and slowing all enemies caught in the fissure. Although his is a bit slow to move around the map and to keep up with ally ADC champions, his leap helps make up for the lost speed. Braum is not the hardest champion to learn, and can be a lot of fun always being the person who saves the day!

A quick overview of Braum attacks

Q – Braum shoots an ice shard out of his shield damaging and slowing enemies when it hits.
W – Braum leaps into the air and lands directly in front of his ally ADC. When Braum lands he gives both himself and ally champion extra armor and magic resistance for a short time.
E – Braum summon a huge ice shield in front of him, blocking all attacks that come his way,

R – Braum slams on the ground causing a huge ice fissure to spawn on the ground. Enemies who are caught in the fissure are stunned and slowed until they are out of the ice.

Blitzcrank – How can you make a good champion guide without the robo king himself Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank has no heart so he cannot be fooled by lies and deceit. His only objective is to protect his team from harm. Blitzcrank usually pairs well with a melee heavy ADC. Blitz much like Veigar is all about control. He is able to pull a ranged champion, and stun them giving his Melee ADC enough time to kill the enemy champion which he would not normally be able to do, due to the ranged champion staying far away.  Where Braums main objective and skill set was to keep his ADC alive by shielding him, Blitzcrank’s objective is to keep his ADC alive by helping him kill the enemy champions. With is pulls, individual and AOE stuns, Blitzcrank is a scary champion to be going against. When you play as Blitzcrank, the enemy team will most definitely think twice before coming after your ADC.

A quick overview of Blitzcrank attacks

Q – Blitzcrank shoots out his hand, and grabs any enemy in its path. I then pulls them quickly back to Blitzcrank.
W – Blitzcrank fires up the boosters and gain extreme movement speed and damage for a short amount of time.
E – Blitzcrank punches an enemy in front of him, dealing damage and knocking them into the air.
R – Blitz unleashes a 360 degree field of static that deals damage and silences all enemy champions who are inside of it.

Best ADC Champions

Tristana is a small creature with a very large gun. Don’t let her size fool you as although she may be on the smaller side, her gun which is bigger than she is, can deal out an insane amount of DPS to enemy champions.  Tristana’s entire move set revolves around her blaster cannon weapon. She can shoot enemies with it, throw bombs that will stick to the enemy, and she can even use it to rocket jump onto or away from enemies. She is a ranged attacker who needs the help of a support to stay alive where she is so squishy. Tristana is a somewhat easy champion to learn, but a hard champion to master. If you like to attack people from range, and be the one who gets most of the kills, then we suggest giving Tristana a try. If you think you can handle her gun!

A quick overview of Tristana attacks

Q – Tristana’s auto attacks are able to be shot very rapidly for a few seconds
W – Tistana aims her rocket at the ground and shoots. The explosion causes her to be able to leap in any direction she desires. She deals damage to the area when she lands.
E – Tristana throws a bomb that sticks to enemy champions. The bomb is on a timer, and explodes after a few seconds.
R – Tristana fires a huge cannon ball from her cannon at an enemy champion. This shot deals very high damage and knocks back the enemy champion, giving her the ability to keep shooting him at a distance.

Miss Fortune – Our last ADC is another gunner, who is extremely dangerous for more than one reason. Miss Fortune not only has 2 very powerful flintlock hand cannons, but she will also defeat you without ever having to fire a shot with her risque tendencies. Miss Fortune believes the way to defeating enemy champions is by utilizing all of her weapons. She is able to quickly move towards you while you are mesmerized by her beauty and unable to attack. She can also play with your heart and is able to deal more damage every time she attacks a new enemy. MF will give you just enough to want more and then move away. This doesn’t sound to bad now does it? You are thinking to yourself that you can put up with a few bullets in your direction. But what happens when MF is tired of playing with you. MF can call down a rain of bullets dealing high and slowing all enemies stuck in its area. Then just when you think it’s safe, she can plant herself in one spot, and start firing a volley of bullets in a cone area in front of her. Dealing massive damage with this ultimate, not many people live to see the end of her gun twice.

A quick overview of Miss Fortune attacks

Q – MF fires a bullet that goes through whatever it hits first hitting the target behind it for more damage.

W – MF struts around gaining movement speed every second she is not attacked.
E – MF fires a volley of bullets that raindown from above, dealing damage and slowing all enemies caught in this storm.
R – MF plants her feet and fires a deadly cone of bullets in a cone shape in front of her. Dealing very high damage increasing over time.

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