Apex Legends Season 2: Wild Charge

Apex Legends

Apex Legends took the world by storm on Feb 4th 2019. There were hardly any leaks leading up to the record breaking launch it received.  5 months down the line, and we have just landed into the first week of season 2 Wild Charge. Season 2 brought about huge changes not only to the map and weapons, but it introduced our first look at how ranked will continue to look in Apex. Keep reading below for an explanation of everything new that Apex Legends gave us in season 2.

The changes:

Map changes:

While the overall shape and location of the map was not changed, many places in the map were updated, moved, had new parts added, and some were even completely removed. The main story behind the map changes tells us that the creatures who once inhabited the island have returned. Godzilla sized monsters roam the island creating large crater footprints as they move about the island during each game. They have also left a wake of debris in their path. Collapsing bridges, destroying buildings, and breaking off sides of mountains, these creatures answer to no one. There has been many more “research” stations added all around the map.  Although they are not the most noticeable update made to the map, it has made an interesting change to the way people move about in ranked due to the once open areas of the map having a bit more loot and cover. I am excited to see if the creatures continue to cause map changes over the course of the season.

New Weapons:

While there was only one brand new weapon added to the game at the beginning of season 2, Apex made up for it by adding multiple different weapon attachments in that completely changed the way some guns are used, making them almost new weapons entirely.


The one brand new weapon that they added is called the Lstar. It is a supply drop only weapon like the mastif and kraber.  The Lstar is a LMG that shoots incredibly fast. Unfortunately with the speed the weapon shoots, it is very difficult to control at mid range and nearly impossible at long. As with all the other gold air drop weapons, the Lstar comes with full gold attachments, and only a limited amount of ammo. Due to it being a LMG and only coming with 60 rounds without the ability to restock the ammo, the gun is usually left behind when teams come across it.

Next we have the P2020 single shot handgun, and the alternator. Both received new weapon attachments that made each of them one of the most viable weapons in the game. The P2020 received the Hammer Point, which deals more damage to players who do not currently have any shield, while the alternator received the Disruptor, which deals extra damage to player who DO have shield. As you can see both of these weapons pay very well with one another, with the possibility of always dealing extra damage if used at the correct time. Both weapon attachments have already received a small nerf after only a few days of play. Although the guns do seem to be a bit more balanced now, much of the player base is still calling for a bit more of a nerf.

New Champion:

You cannot have a new season without the introduction of a new champion. Last season we saw Octane get added to the lineup, which with his lighting fast movement and fast charging jump pad, octane quickly became a high tier choice in the Apex Champion pool.  Since last season a “faster paced” champion was added it only made sense that for season 2 a slower play champion would be introduced. This brings us to Wattson. Wattson is the Queen of picking a house or building to camp in, and then fortifying it to become a stronghold. Wattson can place down multiple electric fences that allow allies to come and go as they please, but restrict enemies from entering without being stunned.  Watson also comes with a game changing ultimate ability. Wattson places a large trophy system/shield generator down that when standing in its range, gives passive healing to allies, and stops all grenade type projectiles from being able to explode. As if this was not enough, it does not have a time limit. Wattsons ultimate and electric fences will stay up and active until they are destroyed by an enemy shooting them. Wattson has made waves in the early pro scene giving players more of a reason to play slow and jump house to house until the circle closes and teams are forced to fight. This type of play is nothing new, as we have seen it in almost every battle royale so far. Wattson from what we have seen and been told is one of if not the best champion to have on your team.


Adding all of this new cool stuff is great, however without a ranked mode or ladder to climb is any of it actually worth it? Apex has given us the long awaited rank que, which players have been begging for. The ranked que starts every player off at bronze the lowest rank. From there you can go to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and then finally the highest rank Apex Predator. At the time of writing this the majority of the player base is platinum and below. Only a handful of players have made it to diamond, and barely a full lobbies worth has made it to Apex Predator.  Every kill you receive in a game grants you 1 point towards rank up to 5 kills per game. Each win grants you 12 points. There are also additional points awarded if you make it into the top 10, top 5, and top 3. Having the ranks work this way gives players an option to go for kills early to gain their 5 points, or wait for other teams to be eliminated to try and snag a few extra placement points.