How to Play Apex Legends

Apex Legends one of the new BR titles, took the scene by storm and has only grown larger since its release! Looking for a content creator to watch outside of your normal favorites can sometimes be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of both Streamers and YouTubers on multiple different platforms that we think you would enjoy watching! There is definitely someone on this list for everyone!

Dizzy Apex

First on our list is someone who many consider to be the current best Apex Legends player in the world at the moment. Dizzy who is signed as a pro player for NRG, seemingly came out of nowhere. He had a small stream and small following until showing his dominant skills in Apex. Playing with the likes of Shroud and Ninja Dizzy quickly rose to fame. He won the celebrity Apex Pro AM, and is looking to make a splash in all upcoming Apex Legends events.  Dizzy uploads to YouTube and streams on Twitch. Below are links to both of his channels. We have also included a link to one of his newer videos with complete domination!

Dizzy’s YouTube: YouTube Channel

Dizzy’s Twitch: Twitch Channel 

Below you can find one his most recent videos dropping 30 kills in a max ranked match!


Since DIzzy is our first Pro player on the list, it only makes sense to keep the pro scene alive and well. Nokokopuffs is a Pro Apex player for CLG. Him and his team made up ⅔ controller players have proven multiple times why they deserve to be at the top of the pro scene.  Noko who boasts over 30k kills, is most known for his flashy plays. His flicks, and pizzazz when he runs through squads of enemies is something you are going to want to watch. Noko first really made the stream big when he was on Mixer. With the launch of Apex Noko switched over to Twitch, achieved partnership, and then continued on his path of success form there. If you want an amazing pro Apex player and a genuinely good guy to watch, Noko is the channel for you. Nokokopuffs does have a YouTube channel, although primarily you will find him on Twitch!

Nokokopuffs YouTube: YouTube Channel

Nokokopuffs Twitch: Twitch Channel

Here is a video of Noko casually dropping 25 kills with over 4k damage!

Shroud Apex Legends

Next we have Shroud who most consider the biggest, best, most talented streamer on Twitch. Now on the slight possibility that you have not heard of him, you are in for a treat. Shroud is known for his insane FPS skills, and is considered by fans and colleagues to be the best FPS player in the world. Shroud started as a CS:GO pro, and then became a full time streamer. He has everything from flashy plays to just down right pub stomping. He has really taken to the Battle Royals genre and instantly picked up Apex as soon as it was launched.  Although he does not play solely Apex, you can find him streaming it for some time almost every day, as well as checking out his YouTube videos featuring some of his best games. Below are his channels links where he boasts being the second most followed streamer on all of Twitch. We have also included one of his recent videos destroying all of his opponents!

Shroud’s YouTube: YouTube Channel

Shroud’s Twitch: Twitch Channel

The video below will speak for itself!


Although coming after Shroud on the list cannot be an easy thing, Mendo can certainly hold his own. Mendo a large Twitch streamer and YouTuber has made his own waves in the Apex scene with his aggressive play style and flashy plays.  Mendo before playing Apex was a professional Overwatch player in the Overwatch League playing under the Houston Outlaws. Under the Houston Outlaws Mendo was a world famous dps player, always having gold damage and elims. Once he decided to leave the OWL he dabbled in streaming multiple other games until he found Apex. Playing with the likes of Shroud, Ninja, Dizzy and other large name streaming celebrities, Mendo found himself a new home under the Apex Legends category. If you are looking to watch someone with raw talent, raw skill, and can just down right out aim everyone, I suggest you give Mendo a try!

Mendo’s YouTube: YouTube Channel

Mendo’s Twitch: Twitch Channel

Check out the video below and you will see why he was one of the OW greats!


With Ninjas recent move to Mixer we want to try and shine the light on some Mixer streamers that we feel can compete with the likes of Mendo and Shroud with great gameplay, and great streams.


First we have Mixer partner NamesX. NamesX really showed everyone how well he could do competitively in the Fortnite scene. Taking his Fortnite talent with him, he quickly transitioned over to Apex Legends, and became one of the best players on the Mixer platform. Playing with his friend JaredFPS, who himself is a titan of Mixer, and Tytec who is arguably the best player for Apex on the entire platform, Names quickly reached the highest rank, Apex Predator, and continues to dominate his ranked opponents every single day! What we have not told you yet, is that he can do all of this on a controller! Do not be fooled, playing on a controller vs pc players is not at all a disadvantage for Names. He is able to aim, flick, and move just like any other player in the game. Names does also play on PC as well. Deadly on any platform! It seems true talent does not care what platform you choose to play on.

NamesX Twitter: Twitter Profile

NamesX Mixer: Mixer Channel


Lastly we have an up and coming Apex Legends streamer TyTec.  TyTec is arguably the best Apex Legends player on the entire Mixer platform, and his scrimmed both with and against other pro players. He was one of the very first to make Apex Predator rank, and wows his viewers with his amazing aim and map movement.  For TyTec his aim is not all that makes him a great player to watch. He is a good teammate, and someone you should watch if you are trying to get into the pro scene. His callouts are always clear and precise, he stays calm under pressure, and he listens to his captains without question. His teammates always know that he can be trusted to make the right play, and watch their backs.  If you are looking for a streamer who is a bit smaller than the rest, so that you can ask questions and get answers, and see how pro scrims actually look and feel like, then TyTec maybe the person for you. We have links to all his channels below.

TyTec’s Mixer: Mixer Channel

TyTec’s Twitch: Twitch Channel

TyTec’s YouTube: YouTube Channel

Check out TyTec’s season 1 Apex montage! INSANE plays!